Testimonials / Success Stories

Alhamdulillah, to our knowledge, a few members have already found their matches through the services of MawaddahMatrimony.com. Some of our members were gracious enough to share their testimonial / feedback publicly. As more members find success and grant us permission to share their feedback and success stories, we will insha’Allah continue to add to this Testimonials page.

Sr. Fatema, Ontario, Canada.

I would like to praise you all for your noble efforts in helping people get married in a halal and Islamic manner. For practicing muslims who observe modesty, it is very difficult to "bump into" a prospective match in a safe and appropriate environment. You have given the community just that much needed avenue, alhamdulillah. Moreover, your service is trusted and approved by reputable scholars, which increases the confidence we members have in your service.

I would also like to recognize the excellent customer service, the personalized help, and the tremendous care that the MawaddahMatrimony staff has shown me throughout my use of the service. May Allah (swt) reward the whole team for helping the Muslim ummah with this very important matter purely for the sake of Allah. I feel strongly that MawaddahMatrimony does an excellent job in ensuring that they approve high-quality members, and they create a safe and trustable environment for practicing Muslims to find compatible matches. Jazak' Allahu Khairan for helping me find my husband.

Sr. Ameera & Br. Fazal, California, USA.

Mawaddah matrimony website was a great experience for us. Nowadays, as a young and practicing Muslim in the USA it is quite difficult to find a good righteous spouse that is compatible to you especially in a halal manner. We were both doubtful of finding a spouse on a “website” as many people have that stigma, but with this trusted and secure website it has become convenient to find a compatible spouse who fits your preferences. The best feature of this website is that its monitored at all times to keep everything halal and proper unlike many other websites where people can scam and take advantage of you due to no supervision.

Honestly, if you have been searching and been having no luck with those proposals your family and friends bring you and feel like you may never find the right person... Just give this website a chance; the first month is FREE and you never know you might find your significant other that will be the coolness of your eyes. I didn’t believe it at first, but we are sitting here happily married, Alhamdulillah. We found each other and it is the BEST thing that has happened to us, Alhamdulillah. So try it out and by the Will of Allah you may find your spouse waiting for you Insha'Allah.

Br. Rayyan, Texas, USA.

Firstly I would like to commend all of the people who helped to put together this website and ask that Allah reward them generously in this life and the next life. I learned about mawaddah matrimony after having watched a deen show episode where brother Rezaul Hasan was featured talking about the website. I was pretty skeptical when it came to meeting a spouse online, however when I saw how the site was set up I was pleasantly surprised. The site is designed to find people a match who they're compatible with based on their preferences. This ensures a higher success rate. It is a place where practicing muslims can safely search for a spouse knowing they are in the midst of like minded people who strive to put Allah first. To see many familiar sheikhs co-signing the site also gave me the confidence that this was indeed legit. I am now happily married to a great sister and couldnt have asked for a better match. I recommend this site to any muslims who are looking to complete half their deen. May Allah grant us all success ameen.

Br. Zainul Abideen, Chicago, USA.

May Allah (swt) bless and reward the MawaddahMatrimony team for their wonderful service. I have used many other matrimonial websites in the past, but NONE were like MawaddahMatrimony. On the other websites, there were too many fake and unserious profiles, and too many people scamming me for money. I hope that your staff continues to do what you’re doing with MawaddahMatrimony, because it felt very safe using your website and the profiles all seemed real and genuine. Brother Reza personally helped me find a suitable match, and I met a wonderful sister and we recently got married, alhamdulillah. Thank you once again for your beautiful and much needed service. May Allah (swt) put much barakah and blessings into this project, and make it a means of benefit for the Muslim community... Ameen.

Sr. Samina, Chicago, USA.

I was referred to brother Reza and Mawaddah Matrimony through a mutual contact about 5 months ago. Br. Reza called me and had an in-depth conversation about what I was looking for. We talked about religious values, hobbies, habits, characteristics. The conversation lasted an hour and a half. A couple of days later Br. Reza followed up with some potential suitors, that didn’t work out. Still attempting to fine-tune my requirements, Br. Reza called me a week later to introduce me to someone who seemed to be a good fit... Two and a half months later I was married to my best friend, and the coolness of my eyes...Alhamdulillah.

I highly recommend any martial service from brother Reza, because he is legitimate, thoughtful, caring, respectful and very successful with his matches, MashaAllah. May Allah (swt) bless this project and grant it much barakah... Ameen.